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Welcome to the Shasta High School Counseling Department. Our goal is to help our students be successful during their academic career at Shasta High School and to prepare them for their future goals. We meet with students for a variety of reasons and will assist with academic, social, personal, and career goals.
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9 Ways to Convince Admissions you're a Winner!

A US News and World Report article give tips on getting into college. Tips include making sure you stay on track, doing your best in the highest level of classes that make sense given your interest and aptitudes, showing off your different facets--that you're an athlete also doing community service or an artist performing research, creating a shortlist of schools, to a personal statement describing how you tick or explaining flaws such as about of bad grades sophomore year, and taking the lead and reaching out to admissions throughout the process.

Check out the Senior year College and Financial Aid Checklist to help guide you throughout the year!

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