Computer Proficiency

hand on keyboard
The Shasta Union High School District requires students to meet a computer proficiency for graduation. Students may take a computer class or take the computer proficiency exam. The Student/Parent Handbook states, "Students must take two semesters of an approved Business or Technology course or pass the district’s Computer Proficiency test as a requirement for graduation. Passing the computer proficiency test does not waive the 10-unit Practical Arts requirement." You must test in five different areas including:
  • Computer Concepts
  • MS Word 2016
  • MS Excel 2016
  • MS Access 2016
  • MS Powerpoint 2016
Students must pass the exam with a 70% or better and they may take the exam at Enterprise, Foothill or Shasta High School. Please note the following test dates:


Test times begin at 2 p.m. room 313
You must email the teacher at least 24 hours in advance of the test date.
Wednesday, October 10th
Wednesday, January 23rd
Wednesday, April 10th
Wednesday, May 8th
Please contact Mrs. Ray or your counselor for any additional questions.


All testing begins promptly at 1:45 p.m. Students are to report to Room 50 immediately after the 6th period.
Please contact Tiago Marta for more information.
Wednesday, November 7th 
Wednesday, February 13th
Wednesday, April 24th 
Wednesday, May 22nd 

Foothill High School

All tests begin promptly at 2:45 p.m. in Room 202 at FHS. 
To secure your seat, please email Mr. Lowe at at least 24-hours in advance.
Please contact the business teacher, Tom Lowe, for more information.
Wednesday, October 2nd
Wednesday, November 20th
Wednesday, January 22nd
Wednesday, March 25th

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