Graduation and a-g requirements

A-G Subject

a-g Requirements

         (eligibility for                CSU or UC)

SUHSD Graduation Requirements

(H.S. Diploma)

A History-Social Science 2 years


4 years

B English  4 years


4 years

C Mathematics 3 years (4 Recommended)


3 years

D Laboratory Science 2 years (3 Recommended)
Including College Prep Biology and Chemistry


2 years




E Foreign Language 2 years (3 Recommended) Not Required
F Visual and Performing Arts 1 year  1 year
G College Prep Electives  1 year 

60 credits of additional


  Grades All courses must be competed with a "C" or better Must earn passing grade in all courses and meet computer proficiency requirement


SAT and/or ACT

It is recommended that students take both the SAT and ACT in the fall of their junior year and then retake the test they scored higher on in the spring of their junior year.

California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)

Students take the exam in 10th grade and must pass the English and math portion with a score of 350 or better


These tests are no longer required, but you may use to showcase academic mastery similar to AP tests. Some competitive majors may recommend taking certain subject tests to demonstrate proficiency.



Our students may prepare for many options after high school including college or university, community college, vocational or trade school, military or the workforce.