Advanced Placement Courses

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Shasta High offers several challenging Advanced Placement (AP) courses to prepare our students for post-secondary options. AP courses are weighted with a grade of "C" or higher.  Most colleges give credit for a score of 3, 4 or 5 on the AP exam.
Courses offered:
  • AP European History
  • AP English III
  • AP English IV
  • AP Psychology
  • AP United States History
  • AP Government
  • AP Economics
  • AP Computer Science
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Studio Art
  • AP French
  • AP Spanish
  • AP Spanish Literature
  • AP Physics
  • AP Biology
Honors classes with weighted grades
Honors Chemistry
Honors Medical Chemistry 
Honors Anatomy and Physiology
Honors Math 3
Honors English II