Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes

Powerful Communicators

Shasta High Students. . . 
Clearly articulate ideas; speak and write with eloquence and passion. Use appropriate communication in different environments. 
Read with comprehension. 
Listen to others with empathy and understanding. 
Accept and offer constructive criticism. 
Question ideas and analyze a variety of perspectives. 

Academically Excellent

Shasta High Students. . . 
Display pride and passion in artistic and academic work. 
Demonstrate consistent effort and commitment through practice and focused study. Challenge themselves to achieve high standards in all endeavors. 
Appreciate and respect the artistic and academic efforts of others. 
Graduate into adulthood with maximum opportunities and options. 
Use both imagination and logic to solve problems. 

World Class Citizens

Shasta High Students. . . 
Contribute to the community and value the contributions of others. Collaborate successfully to reach goals and positive outcomes. 
Stay informed about world events and prepare to participate in civic life. Demonstrate integrity, character, cultural awareness and tolerance. Are accountable for choices and actions. 
Develop informed opinions while remaining open to other views.