School Policies

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Students are reminded that they must clear all absences.
 There are four ways to clear absences:
1. Your parent or guardian calls the attendance office      

   (530) 225-8444 or 530-241-4161 ext. 15515

2. You bring an assigned note from your parent/guardian to the attendance office about your absence.

3. A teacher, staff member, administrator, or counselor notifies the attendance office about your absence.

4. Our automated calling system (S.A.M.) makes contact with your parent or guardian. This is a courtesy call only. Your parent/guardian must return this call to clear any/all unresolved absences. It is your responsibility to clear your unresolved absences. Following an absence, you have the day you return to school and one additional day (48 hours) to verify and clear absences. Failing to verify and clear the absence within that time will result in the absence being classified as a truancy. Saturday School will be assigned for truances.

Many students think their parents can excuse an absence regardless of the reason. Students are reminded of the following: Under Education Code (48205): A student shall be excused from the school for justifiable reasons, including an appearance in court as a witness, quarantine under the direction of the county or city health officer, jury duty, funeral services, observance of a holiday or ceremony of his or her religion, illness, or medical appointments.

Other reasons shall be considered unexcused/truant. Student cannot be penalized academically for excused absences.

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Students: Remember, only 11th and 12th grade students are eligible to leave campus during lunch or CTE classes. During lunch, students must drive, they may not walk off campus. Leaving during any other time, requires a Permit to Leave from the Attendance Office. Students who do not get a Permit to Leave will be considered truant and may be assigned Saturday School. The following are excused/legitimate reasons for a Permit to Leave:
  1. Medical Appointments
  2. Funeral
  3. Court
All other reasons are considered personal and are unexcused. Bringing a note in or having your parent/guardian call will not excuse your leaving campus without a Permit to Leave. If you become ill during the day, report to the Health office for a permit to leave, as they need to contact your parent/guardian. Do not leave campus without a PERMIT TO LEAVE!